Jungseong Hotel, where nature, culture, and design become a daily life

Jeongseong Hotel is a lifestyle design hotel that contains contents in life that can feel emotional stability.
At Jeongseong Hotel, where art and culture flow and nature and design come together
We'll fill your day with more comfort and pleasure.


Suggesting a lifestyle and experience from a hub of travel. The concept of hotel is evolving through messenger.

The travel space also creates its own story and shows the flow that forms the space according to a context.
Jeongseong Hotel is not just aesthetic, it meets their needs, and it creates a new life beyond ordinary daily life so that you can embrace them in a beautiful space that will inspire you to live in.


While carefully considering the lives of urbanites, we focused on the sophisticate d design and the design where nature can meet each other, and used natural ingredients to create a space of eco- friendly life.


The "Happy Life" Jungjeong Hotel is not just a fancy space, but a place where you can relax your body and mind. Enjoy the unique space of different designs.


Instead of simply improving the aesthetic, feel the warmth of Jungseong Hotel, which meets the needs of the people who use the space and provides daily happiness in the space you stay.